We believe...

that order saves us time so that we can do more of what we like.

The easy way to store information

We have developed an application where you can easily collect all the information that is important to you.

UiO generates a public and a private version in the cloud. When you use the public version, the privacy of your account is never compromised since your private information is only visible to you if you log in.

Now you can borrow your friend's phone, the computer at the internet café or any public Wifi Hotspot without worries.

A simple interface...

that gives you full control over the application. We just call it Widget!
Indicates whether your link will be visible on your public or private page.
You can display an image to be reminded of why you saved the website.
Relevant information about the saved website in your own words.
Delete button. Just one touch and your old link will be placed in the archive.
Share your favorite website or phone number to any of your contacts.
Edit your widget's title, details and color, among other parameters.

GDPR ready

We'd like to inform you about our Privacy Policy related to the EU's General Data Protection Resolution (GDPR).

We collect customer's personal information in order to contact the customer and inform him/her about his/her contract and updates on our services.

The data is saved in our servers maximum of one year after the customer relationship has ended as long as other laws allow it.

The user is entitled to request a registry extract in order to be able to control what information is registered on our servers.

Our company will correct information that is incorrect, incomplete or misleading.

No action is required on your part. We take care of the necessary updates.



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